Organic Yellow Pu-erh Green Tea


Pu-erh is produced in the Yunnan province of China, and is unique in that the leaves are fermented and aged.

This particular tea has been aged for 6 months to 1 year.

The process gives a strong, earthly flavor that does not need any sugar or cream.

Because of the controlled microbial fermentation process of the leaves, pu-erh teas have long been touted as a perfect beverage after a rich, creamy meal, but are perfect for any time of day. Personally, we most enjoy brewing our pu-erh tea first thing on a Monday morning and sipping on it throughout the day, especially after a weekend of less-healthy food choices.

• Multiple infusions
• Caffeinated
• Certified USDA Organic

Aged and fermented Chinese tea from Yunnan province

1 Tbsp / 8 oz water
195- 205 (medium - large bubbles)

Infusion process:
Steep for 20 seconds, discard.
Flash rinse, discard.
Steep for 20-30 seconds
Enjoy 6-8 separate infusions in one sitting

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